Prayer – Confession

 (Based on Jeremiah 2-4)

Our Heavenly Father,

Out of the house of bondage, You gave us freedom.  You took us as your own, and made us a people holy to the Lord.

At first we were fully dedicated to your will; what You commanded we did eagerly.  Your love towards us was like the love between a groom and a bride.  You gave us protection and cared for us.

You brought us into a fertile land where we enjoyed all we could desire.  We grew vigorous branches, because we were grafted into the best vine.confession

Yet, today we stand in shame before You.  Our hearts became divided, and we shared the love we had for You with this world.  We exchanged the spring of living water, as we tried to satisfy our thirst with the water from the broken cisterns of this world.
We have forsaken You, we have been backsliding and we find ourselves covered in shame.  We try to wash ourselves, but no amount of soap can cleanse us; the stains of sins remain. Your holiness is like the light shining on the thief caught in the act of stealing.

In desperate need for a cure from our sins, we sometimes half-heartedly remember the close relationship we enjoyed with You when we were saved first.  We then call You our Father.  The wedding jewellery, the symbol of your covenant grace, we hold as precious, yet we so easily bow before the things of this world. We put our hope in objects, and our trust in what cannot provide security.

Today we hear your loving call to return to You;  that mercy call assuring us that You will not be angry forever.  Now we acknowledge our guilt of rebellion against You. Return to us, O Lord.  Restore that fulfilling relationship between us and hold us in your loving embrace.

Thank You for the assurance that You will treat us like your sons, and thank You for the everlasting inheritance which is ours, because your Son, our Saviour first paid the penalty of our trespasses, and now intercedes for us at your throne – and He promised to come and take us to the home He is now preparing for us.

Hear our prayer, Lord, and forgive us.  Restore the joy we once had with You.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

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