Being married in an ungodly world

Bible readings 1Thessalonians 4:1-8 1 Peter 3:1-7 Introduction A wool growing farmer on an outback station once made this remark about Christians and effective evangelism (and he probably just applied some principles of breeding and selecting stock to build up his sheep):  “Pastor, there’s one sure way for Christians to get the upper hand over…… Continue reading Being married in an ungodly world

When the truth becomes a lie and the lie becomes truth (2)

The Battle for Christian Marriage Bible Readings Exodus 20:1-17 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Introduction From about 1715 a movement called The Enlightenment swept across the western world.  Behind about every philosophy stood the idea that man should be free of every form of oppression, where everyone will only work as much as is needed, and be…… Continue reading When the truth becomes a lie and the lie becomes truth (2)

Domestic Violence

A Statement by the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Report of the Ad hoc Committee approved by the 2016 Assembly  The 2015 Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly created this ad hoc committee to create a Domestic Violence Policy for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. At the time, there was a public conversation about Domestic Violence, or…… Continue reading Domestic Violence


Introduction The Church of Jesus Christ exists because of the grace of God and for the glory of God The Church is the work of the Triune God:  the Father calls sinners to salvation; Jesus Christ gave his life for sinners to reconcile them to God; the Holy Spirit gives rebirth through the Word and…… Continue reading Marriage

What would I say to gay people?

Good day!  You might have heard the song “Amazing Grace” a few times at funerals or on the radio.  Every time I hear the words, “… that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see” I thank God for his saving grace in my…… Continue reading What would I say to gay people?

A letter out of Africa to POTUS

(POTUS = President Of The United States) “Dear President Obama, I ask you sir, with all due respect to your highly esteemed office, what if our African values and religious beliefs teach us to elevate the highest good of the family above sexual gratification? What if African society has been naturally wired to value the…… Continue reading A letter out of Africa to POTUS

Police Chaplain fired over Christian view of Marriage

A police chaplain says he was forced out of his post after criticising the Government’s plans for gay marriage on his personal website, MPs have been told. On his personal website Rev Brian Ross writes: I am becoming increasingly aware of the devaluation of the word ‘marriage’.  Marriage, certainly in the Christian understanding of it,…… Continue reading Police Chaplain fired over Christian view of Marriage

Public promises make a marriage

“Public promises make a marriage. Marriages are founded on promises of lifelong, exclusive bonding. Provided that the promises commit both man and woman in good times and in bad ’till death do us part’, and that both intend to relate only to each other, the promises are effective in creating the marriage. Husband and wife…… Continue reading Public promises make a marriage