Heavenly-shaped community

Bible Readings Romans 12:9-21 1 Peter 4:7-11 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters, Some 24 years ago the Lord led our family to leave our homeland and migrate to Australia. The buzzword for migrants was “culture shock”.   Initially living in a different culture was somewhat interesting.  People expect you to be different, and quite…… Continue reading Heavenly-shaped community

The saving sovereign God

Scripture readings: Luke 1:46:55 1Samuel 2:1-10 Introduction Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am going to make a statement, and want you to think about it:  your theology reflects your prayers, and your prayers reflect your theology. It would be safe to say—purely judged on what we can observe—that the church in Australia is…… Continue reading The saving sovereign God

The Intercession of Christ (1)

Scripture Readings Psalm 20 John 17:6-13 Introduction My dear brother and sister in the Lord, Jesus Christ, Early in January this year, St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland, invited Muslims to its recent celebration of Epiphany, which marks the revelation of Christ’s deity through the wise men’s visit to the infant Jesus.  Madinah Javed…… Continue reading The Intercession of Christ (1)

Christ, the Holy Spirit and joy

Scripture Readings Romans 8:6-17 John 16:12-33 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, They say the American painter, John Sargent, once painted a panel of roses that was highly praised by critics. It was a small picture, but it approached perfection. Although offered a high price for it on many occasions, Sargent refused…… Continue reading Christ, the Holy Spirit and joy

Complete joy

Scripture Readings Psalm 19 John 15:5-17 Introduction A lady was crossing a certain London station, when an old man stopped her, and said: “Excuse me, ma’am, but I want to thank you for something.” “Thank me!” exclaimed the lady. “Yes’m. I used to be ticket collector, and whenever you used to go by you always…… Continue reading Complete joy

Our heavenly home, and the way there

Scripture Readings: Deuteronomy 1:19-33 John 14:1-14 Main points: Faith replaces confusion and anxiety The eternal home is being prepared Only one way to God Between now and eternity: work and pray Introduction My dear fellow believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I remember sitting in the funeral parlour.  The funeral director asked me all the…… Continue reading Our heavenly home, and the way there

The Inner room

Spiritual prosperity depends immensely on our private devotion, and private devotion cannot nourish unless we determine that by God’s help we will make time, whatever trouble it may cost us, for thought, for prayer, for the Bible, and for private communion with Christ. Alas! That saying of our Master is sadly overlooked: ‘Enter into your room and…… Continue reading The Inner room

Understanding the times

 “… the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…”  (1 Chronicles 12:32, NKJV) These men of Issachar are set before us as a pattern to be imitated and an example to be followed; for it is a most important thing to understand the times in which we…… Continue reading Understanding the times

God’s providence and care in times of unbridled sin

Well-known theologian Dr R.C. Sproul records this anecdote in one of his books: There was a mountain climber who slipped on a ledge and was about to plummet thousands of feet to his death, but as he started to fall, he grabbed a branch of a tiny, scraggly tree that was growing out of a…… Continue reading God’s providence and care in times of unbridled sin

God’s Word and witness in times of unbridled sin

Morally and spiritually we live in what might be a very low watermark.  However, there most probably were times when things looked somewhat worse.  What we might think is that the scale of moral decline is perhaps more widespread now that in most recent times.  The churches of the West have been in decline to…… Continue reading God’s Word and witness in times of unbridled sin