Daniel’s Intercessory Prayer of Confession

Commenting on Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9, Bill Muehlenberg writes:

“We have so very much to repent of. But for most churches it is business as usual. They would not dare to bring up the topics of sin, repentance, confession and holiness. That would keep the numbers down – and worse yet, it would keep the income down.

Therefore many churches today are quite content to offer people just what they want to hear: a completely me-centred gospel, which makes no demands, costs nothing, and offends no one. Such churches will always be popular of course – but they will also be spiritually barren – if not spiritually dead.

But it is silly of me to keep writing here. We all should simply read this prayer of confession, and read it again. Indeed, we should keep reading it until God breaks through and we get out of our spiritual deep freeze, and we see God begin to move again.

We need to do this corporately and individually. Yet such prayers of repentance must start with ourselves. With me.”

In encourage you to read this article

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