State Forced Abortion in China

CHANGSHA, Hunan Province, China June 11, 2012 ( –

A 37-year-old Chinese woman who is five months pregnant still stands in imminent risk of undergoing a forced abortion at the hands of Chinese “family planning” officials, according to Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

Last week news broke that Cao Ruyi was dragged by more than a dozen government family planning officials and security guards, from her home and taken to a hospital in Changsha for violating China’s one-child policy. She was given the “choice” of consenting to a voluntary abortion, having a forced abortion, or paying a huge fine.

Cao’s husband, Li Fu, reported that he was beaten on the way to the hospital and told that if he and his wife did not consent to a “voluntary” abortion, his wife would be forced to abort.

Cao and her husband issued a desperate plea for public support so they may be allowed keep their unborn child. Li Fu told Chia Ling, president of All Girls Allowed, a group that works to reveal and prevent sex-selective abortion and female infanticide in China, “Help us – I will never sign the consent form, but we also need the public to help stop a forced abortion. Tell them to please help us!”

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