For spiritual growth

Our Father in Heaven,

In silence and adoration I once again come into your presence.  I do so in the Name of Jesus Christ, my only righteousness.

I come with praise and thanksgiving.  Thank You for being my Father; thank You that You have adopted me, saving me by the grace of Jesus Christ, giving me a willing heart to respond to the Gospel call, planting within me the Holy Spirit to give me a responding new heart to come to You and be forgiven, justified and adopted as your child.

I read about You being the Father of all families in Christ Jesus.  The Good News of being included into the family of God, being part of the temple indwelled by the Holy Spirit with all believers, about your incomparable great love and power for those whom You love.

The Word this morning also talked about the church and its members as a place where Christ lives.  I know there are so many things in my life where You would need to make changes to live.  I pray Lord, that You would continue your sanctifying work in my life and the life of the congregation You gave to me to minister to.  We know so little of the purifying work of the Spirit.  We are sometimes just satisfied that You have died for us, that You rose again and You are seated at the right hand of the Father.  But of spiritual growth and maturity there is very little to be seen.  Change this attitude, Lord.  Give us, as your apostle prayed, the grace to grow to the full measure of the grace of our Father.  Give us an understanding of the depth, the height, and the width of the love You have for your church in Christ Jesus.

Give us the insight and the ability to understand that You can do much more that what we can even think or ask.  But prevent us from thinking that we may ask of You to only enjoy the benefits for our own pleasure.  Help us to be in tune with your revealed will in the Scriptures, help us to be understand your will, and help us to have an understanding of what You really want your church to be doing for your glory in the world.


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