Australian Relationship with China

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and her entourage just returned from China after Australia assured a special deal with China.

One commentator says he has “never seen the relationship between Australia and China as positive as it is today.” (Read)

The Australian newspaper points out that “the trading relationship has been bolstered by a currency deal enabling the Australian dollar to be converted directly into Chinese yuan, slashing costs for thousands of businesses. Australia is the third country, after the US and Japan, to secure such an arrangement from our leading trading partner.” (Read)

All of this distracted the attention from the domestic chaos the Australian Labor Party finds itself in at the moment, not to talk about the amassed national debt this government has plunged our nation into.

Just a few remarks:

  • China President Xi Jinping said that China would likely invest $500 billion in coming years in foreign markets.  Something of that will certainly flow to Australia.  Keep in mind, China is still officially a communist country.  It is looking to expand its influence (broaden its boundaries?).  Trade and investment is a peaceful way to do so.  But what will the end look like?  Australia’s total population is just just less the population of one of China’s cities, Beijing. (Someone plays the tune, and someone dances.)
  • Many Chinese labourers are working for substandard wages – the reason why western economies can buy things so cheaply from China.  They work under appalling circumstances, with hardly anyone knowing of luxuries like maximum hours per week, long service leave, etc.  Bluntly, people are exploited.  Nothing raised about this by our government in our dealings with China.
  • Because China is under communist government the authorities assume the right to prescribe the one-child policy.  The official policy is to abort consecutive children. It is therefore not uncommon for a second pregnancy to end in a state controlled abortion clinic.  “Since 1971, doctors have performed 336m abortions and 196m sterilisations, the data reveal. They have also inserted 403m intrauterine devices, a normal birth control procedure in the west but one that local officials often force on women in China.” (Read)  Nothing about this sinful, unethical and murderous practice  was discussed during the last round of talks between our governments.  Not surprising if our own Prime Minister’s view on abortion is taken into account (Read).  On the other hand, the cattle trade in Australia was almost brought on its knees after some animals were “inhumanly butchered” in some abattoirs in Asia; live cattle exports were suspended for some time.

It is just amazing to observe how selective governments can be when it comes to financial gain and economic prosperity.

But, if we want to maintain our living standard, we will probably just turn a blind eye, sacrifice all that is dear to us in terms of our values, not think about others who enjoy very little of their country’s growing economy, – and in the end, we will most probably think nothing of it if we have to sacrifice our sovereignty as a people.


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