The prostitute mother and father

There are millions of children growing up without knowing who their fathers are.  Hundreds of thousands would not know that they might have siblings.

They were born because their mothers took money to have them.

They took money from tax payers, dished out by the government, to pay thousands of dollars for every baby born – no questions asked: no need to be married.  No need to prove some sort of stable relationship to raise a child. Nothing!  Just a birth certificate.

The cost of having the baby in a state hospital is covered by the tax payer.  So are the pre-birth and post-birth medical expenses where the mother is not a member of a medical fund.

The more children the better for the mother:  in Australia $5,000 for the first child and then $3,000 for those consequently born.  Single mothers get more from the state, because their is no father to support.  Home allowance is further quite possible.  Child allowance follow, not to mention legal aid, counselling services, Home Care, unemployment benefits and a host of other services to protect and care for children.  All of this explains why our welfare budget amounts to more that a third of our total domestic budget.

Prostitution is an evil – a really bad evil.  It destroys marriages, morals, families and self-worth. But at least only seldomly children are born to street prostitutes.  The sex is for money.

But mothers receiving money from the state to have sex for children surely is an abomination before the living God.

And to those who fathered these children:  remember, there is no such a thing as a fatherless child.  You remain the father.  Shame on you for being there only for the fun of the moment.  You’re nothing better that the prostitute mother.

No society can sustain this abomination and survive.  It is economic suicide; it’s moral suicide; it spells the end of family, community and society.

It’s invoking the judgement of God.

(The idea with the baby bonus was to boost population numbers, and many couples indeed receive the money to spend against the cost of having a new-born baby.)


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