No parental consent needed

If your daughter develops a headache at school and went to the head office for a tablet, she might need your consent first for the school staff to give her a paracetamol tablet.  She might be allergic to something and the school does not want to be sued.

On the other hand, the school might think it good to administer drugs to your child known to be associated with depression, liver cancer, sudden blindness, heart attack, stroke, and hepatitis and blood clot without your consent.  The medical conditions mentioned do not take into account the enormous psychological effects on your child, or even the moral implications.

Say no!
Say no!

Advocates for this practice usually cry wolf against chaplaincy at school, while promoting counseling by those not “brainwashed” by religion!

The reason why the school might administer drugs without your consent is that your daughter might be pregnant, or your son might become a father himself!

New York City schools distributed 12,721 doses of the “Morning-After Pill” to students last year, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The 40 school-based “health centers” also performed thousands of injections of long-term contraception and implanted intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Under state law, schools do not need to obtain parental consent to dispense the drugs. The $2.7 million program has provided contraceptives to 22,400 teens as young as 14.

Parents, without their consent, contribute to the tax to pay for the drugs which are destroying the lives of their children.

A study published in December by a University of North Carolina professor found that widespread use of “emergency contraception” had no effect on pregnancy or abortion rates but “led to a statistically significant increase in STD rates.”

Are schools forced into this situation?  There are a wide range of factors leading to this this untenable situation.

  • Let’s be honest, many children don’t have any form of relationship with any of their parents, and vice versa.
  • Fathers have become conspicuously absent, and in many cases would not even know who their children are.
  • There is no respect for marriage, and the sanctity of life.  A large percentage of teenagers have no idea why God instituted marriage. To them sex has become a form of social past time.
  • Schools are stuck with the dilemma of students who do not have a home to go back to, a mother who cares or a father who will stand up for his daughter.
  • Don’t forget the atrocious teachings (doctrines?) of the Feminism, claiming rights without responsibilities.
  • Add to this the dogmas of evolution, humanism and liberalism (all these are faith-based systems!).

The experiment has miserably failed!

Handing out contraceptives and morning-after pills are by no means solving the problem, it’s aggravating it.

What then?

It would be abject stupidity not to once again look at the biblical view of life, marriage, sex and morality.  It stood the test of time, every time.  Societies were transformed once these principles were applied right through history.

I just wonder how long is our society going to exploit corrupt theories before we bury our pride and bow before the authority of God.

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