New words for old sins

It is interesting to hear new words everyday.  It is even more interesting to see how people can hide behind “political correctness” (whatever this word might really mean!) to use new words to describe old sins. It just sounds better with a bit of spin.

If we have to believe the contributor to Wikipedia under the rubric “Political correctness”, PC (yes it has its own abbreviation!; however in the circles I find myself is everyday PC can also mean Presbyterian Church!

“is a term applied to language, ideas, policies, or behavior seen as seeking to minimize offense to gender, racial, cultural, disabled, aged or other identity groups. Conversely, the term “politically incorrect” is used to refer to language or ideas that may cause offense or that are unconstrained by orthodoxy.”

According to Wikipedia orthodoxy is described as language

typically used to mean adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith, especially in religion.”

These two definitions are at loggerheads. When one means what one says according to the accepted or traditional understanding of words, one is offensive.  When one is politically correct, one does not really mean what one says and as a result there is ostensibly no offense!  On the other hand, I find it extremely offensive when people don’t really mean what they say; it is plainly rude and ill-mannered. The PC person looks at me, see I am overweight, and then come up with a stupid term to describe my condition—I might then be a scale-challenging person.

My Christian values taught me that if I can’t say anything good about someone, I keep my trap shut!  Other people’s business is not open for my comment.  This is the best way to be PC!

It all depends on one’s value system and framework of reference.  According to one system (orthodoxy) there is accepted and established truth; according to the other (the PC camp), there is no such thing.

But it is important to keep in mind that even if the last pretends that it does not really have a value system, it of course has one, otherwise the whole argument is absurd. One has to have a definite standard to understand what “gender”, “racial”, “cultural” and “offense” – and of course “orthodox” – mean to launch one’s argument.

In doing so, one runs the risk of course to offend the orthodox.  But that apparently does not count!

Traditionally we all understood the standard of the law.  We need law to defend us, and more so when it comes to the Ten Commandments.

The PC’s came up with the term “decriminalize”. Something which is decriminalized is something which is by law allowed, permitted, or accepted.  There are no penalties for someone who does what was previously against the law.

Instead of calling abortion murder (which it really is), they gave it a much more acceptable term. To kill the unborn is decriminalised. The action of abortion is not only criminal and sinful before God, it is offensive to the extreme!

Being homosexual is now being gay. What was once merry, bright in colour, carefree (or even debauched!) is now to be sexually disposed to the same sex.

A prostitute or whore has now become a sex worker or an exotic dancer. Drug and alcohol addicts of the past are now revellers who enjoy recreational substances.

People who rob others and are a public nuisance were formerly thieves, law breakers and thugs who deserved to be locked up in jails.  These days these socially indisposed persons (to not mention the gender!), have a right to express themselves, revel, and might eventually end up in correctional centers.

My father-in-law had a doctor who had a very soft voice and a gentle way of expressing himself.  Father did not feel well and went to the doctor, who told him what his problem was.  Father decided to go to another doctor, because, “If he can’t tell me what’s wrong with me loud enough for me to hear and understand, how would I know what the problem is?”  Quite right!

While the word game of the PC’s is continuing, we have lost hope to accurately describe the sin.  The result is no forgiveness and no restoration.

We have become too smart to be saved!

© D Rudi Schwartz

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