We can only cry for mercy…!

N.B. This post is graphic and not something you would like your children to see or read.  It is shocking, but sometimes we will not get on our knees before we’ve been shocked out of our sleep.

I just ask, “Are we so desperate for the trade of China that we will not do something about the state genocide happening there?”  Should we start talking to our politicians about it?

Goodness me, they put the livelihood of Australian cattle farmers at risk when they saw a few scenes of cattle treated “inhumanely” at some Indonesian abattoirs.

Deng Jiyuan told her that five men abducted his wife on June 2ndand took her to a hospital. “At the hospital they held her down,” said Jiyuan. “They covered her head with a pillowcase. She couldn’t do anything because they were restraining her.” The men had her “sign” an abortion consent form by inking her thumb and pressing it forcibly against the paper. Then they injected toxins into the brain of her unborn daughter.

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