Daniel’s Intercessory Prayer of Confession

Commenting on Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9, Bill Muehlenberg writes: “We have so very much to repent of. But for most churches it is business as usual. They would not dare to bring up the topics of sin, repentance, confession and holiness. That would keep the numbers down – and worse yet, it would keep…… Continue reading Daniel’s Intercessory Prayer of Confession

State Forced Abortion in China

CHANGSHA, Hunan Province, China June 11, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A 37-year-old Chinese woman who is five months pregnant still stands in imminent risk of undergoing a forced abortion at the hands of Chinese “family planning” officials, according to Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. Last week news broke that Cao Ruyi was dragged by more than a…… Continue reading State Forced Abortion in China

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