Emissions: An honest result needed

In a matter of a few months, the world has changed.  In some respects, it’s become a dangerous place.  Our enemy does not go about with visible weapons.  Its attack is by stealth. The next person who coughs the air I breathe, or who touches a surface I might touch might be my worst enemy.  May thousands of people have died directly or indirectly as a result, and thousands others are locked into their homes out of duty that they might spread the virus.  

Suddenly the focus of attention shifted away from a predicted environmental catastrophe, with people glueing themselves to walkways to warn against this perceived danger.  There have been calls to shut down factories, and moving to environmental friendly and emissions-free modes of travel, turning against fossil fuels, inevitably cutting down on electricity production, etc., etc. Advocates of population control warn that emissions are having an effect on food production which will lead to unseen before famines, while, in the same time, others advocate the reduction of cattle numbers, the major source of protein, because of their contribution of unwanted gasses in the atmosphere!  

Yet, no-one actually went as far as to suggest shutting down the world because of the anthropogenic burden on the climate.  Such a proposal would have been considered as impossible, irresponsible, undesirable, revolutionary reckless, a mere pipe dream.

Well, it’s happened.  The world is in lockdown. Blame COVID19.

As a result, the world economy is crippled, millions of people are without work, airlines are bankrupt, governments are scrambling to come up with stimulus packages which will leave future generations with immeasurable debt loads, school and university campuses are void of both learners and teachers, public transport has come to a standstill, shopping complexes have come silent, and domestic violence and mental illnesses are up.

That’s the price the world is paying.  It would be foolish to directly link the current disaster to possible actions taken against climate change; it’s the virus that got us here. However, the consequences of the propositions of some of climate extremists could serve as examples of what we now experience:  the key building blocks of our way of living will be removed, and the cost will be high.

The major emitters and contributors which are blamed for climate change have been out of the equation for the last few months.  There are hardly any busses, airplanes, cars and trucks on the road – just look at the drop in petrol and diesel sales.  The were no Easter traffic congestions all over the world because we are forced to stay at home.

Is it too early to know what the impact of this massive reduction in emissions are having on our environment?  

In asking this question, one would certainly desire an honest, scientifically substantiated response.  We have had our dose of emotional, unsubstantial hype and clap-trap on this matter.  Can we have pure facts without appeasing any narrative?

Now is a perfect time to separate fact from fiction. Truth might hurt, but it always leads to freedom.

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