Prayer of Praise

Lord Heavenly Father,

If we knew Scriptures well, we would know that we cannot treat You like a computer waiting to be programmed, or a vending machine dispensing lollies, passively responding to our selections. You’re not a private genie waiting for us to express our wishes.  Instead,  You are our sovereign Master, Creator of the universe, not in need of anything from anything You made.  You numbered our days and hairs.  We thank You for the privilege of knowing You this way.

But You do delight in us asking, trusting You for things that seem impossible—things beyond our control, things that will bring you glory. 

In the first instance we bow with this prayer today: may your Kingdom come and your will be done!

Lord, teach us to forget about mansions, cars and cash; or acclaim, appreciation, or applause. Give us an understanding of David meant when he wrongly focussed on those who apparently had everything, and He then almost lost faith in You, his heart became miserable, his spirit became embittered, and he became senseless and ignorant; but then rediscovered that You are always with him to guide him with your counsel.  He then proclaimed, “Whom have I in heaven but You?, and part has nothing I desire but You. As for me it is good to be near God. 

We ask You to confound our hearts all over again with your splendour, love, and grace. Cause our knees to buckle with wonder, our feet to dance with delight, and our hearts to beat with joy and to understand that your free gift of eternal life supersedes everything we may desire while on this earth.

Give us a willingness to love You and to live in a state of perpetual first-love affection for You, now and until heaven becomes physical reality after the last tick of earthly time.

We pray in the Name of Christ our Saviour. 


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