Prosperity Theology – Biblical theology?

Joel Osteen: (in, “Become a better you”)

“He [God] wants us to have a little heaven on earth, right where we are … You can accomplish your dries before you go to heaven!  How can you do that?  By tapping into God’s power inside of you… If you don’t appreciate and take advantage  of your freedom, if you don’t get your thoughts, your words, your attitudes going the right direction, it won’t do you any good.  You may be sitting back waiting on God to do something supernatural in your life, but the truth is, God is waiting on you.  You must rise up in your authority. have little backbone and determination, and say, ‘I am not going to live my life in mediocrity, bound by addiction, negative and defeated.'”

J.C. Ryle: (taking in consideration Mark 4:37-40 – Jesus calming the storm while his disciples were fearing their lives in an almost sinking ship)

“I have the privilege of being one of Christ’s ambassadors. In His name I can offer eternal life to any man, woman, or child who is willing to have it. In His name I do offer pardon, peace, grace, glory, to any son or daughter of Adam who reads this paper.

“But I dare not offer that person worldly prosperity as a part and parcel of the Gospel. I dare not offer him long life, an increased income, and freedom from pain. I dare not promise the man who takes up the cross and follows Christ, that in the following he shall never meet with a storm.

“I know well that many do not like these terms. They would prefer having Christ and good health; Christ and plenty of money;  Christ and no deaths in their family; Christ and no wearing cares; Christ and a perpetual morning without clouds. But they do not like Christ and the cross; Christ and tribulation; Christ and the conflict; Christ and the howling wind; Christ and the storm.”

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