Climbing peas

Unlike other years, the seeds got into the ground on time this season.  As expected, in about a week’s time they pushed up and started to show their little heads. Same packet of seeds, same soil, same time, same water.  All got fertiliser at the same time.  Yet, some grow faster than others. Along the trellis the leaves of all of them looks healthy and strong, but some pushed out their tendrils in search for something to anchor the plant as it climbs. It’s amazing how strong these little squiggly ten tacles are. IMG_0871 Then, some growing next to the one who succeeded in climbing the trellis, twist their tendrils around their strong-growing neighbour, and so they get help to mature and bear fruit. But other plants just fall over, not achieving the same result.  Instead of growing up, they remain low.  They too have tendrils.  These little anchors get tangled up with those of the neighbouring plant, and together they hold one another back from growing upwards.  They still look healthy, but they need help to grow upwards to bear fruit. I visit my garden everyday to marvel at the growth of those who found the the way upwards.  But most of the time I spend with fallen over the peas.  Because they are not anchored, they choke the growth of those next to them. It’s the same way with Christians, even those growing up in the same environment. God gives the growth, and He provides the fast growing, strong and mature members of his family to provide the anchor for the others to help them up and reach the top, producing fruit to the glory of God. Others just keep falling over.  The sad part is that they prevent those around them to grow upwards too.  They are so demanding, spreading their spiritually wandering tendrils so tightly around their neighbours, that even they can’t mature. We thank God for the fast growers, proving the necessary help for others to mature and reach the top. We pray for those who are struggling.  Peas can’t look for strong support and supplant themselves for help.  But Christians can make sure that they lean on mature Christians for help. Weaker Christians should constantly be aware of is their restraining effect on those around them.  They might justify their weakness in faith be finding another weaker brother, resulting in both of them never growing upwards. The reason God put us on the face of the earth is to bear fruit to his glory.  He provides growth, but He also calls us to grow up as we feed on His Word, and His Son, our Anchor.

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