Coptic Christians under attack in Egypt

EGYPT: As the Arab Spring gives way to a bitter Christian Winter.

The Sharia based constitution passed by the Muslim Brotherhood dominated parliament of Egypt have encouraged a resurgence of Islamic extremism and open hostility towards the large Christian minority in Egypt.

Many historic churches in Egypt have been stormed, stoned, burned and demolished by mobs of Muslims who are frequently being mobilised by Muslim leaders in mosques and through the megaphones on the minarets to throw stones and petrol bombs at Christian churches and to assault Christian worshippers.

Christians at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo came under attack yesterday. Almost three dozen were injured and one may have been killed, in an attack that took place even as mourners were attending a funeral service for four Copts killed last week in an anti-Christian rampage.  After the funeral service Sunday, April 7, 2013, at St Mark Cathedral in Cairo for the Coptic victims killed by Muslims on April 4 and 5 ended, as coffins and attendants were leaving the cathedral Muslims fired shots at mourners & Molotov cocktails were hurled at the cathedral.

Damaged Cathedral
Damaged Cathedral

One of Coptic mourners at the funeral at St Marks Cathedral in Cairo, Mahrous Hanna Ibrahim, died from gun shots wounds to the head and neck.

Police also did nothing as the attackers scaled the walls of the cathedral compound.

Let us not forget our brothers and sisters under attack.

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