Faith “out there”: yearning for the perfect

The writer of Hebrews, in chapter 11:32-40, becomes more general – he does not mention specific names or specific occasions. Yet, faith that springs from God, is at work in history, sometimes more fruitful than other times.

Faith sometimes conquers: it overthrows kingdoms, saw justice done, shuts the mouth of lions, escapes flames and sword, and weaknesses becomes strengths, routing armies and winning battles.

Faith sometimes becomes embattled:  those who are in the battle are tortured, being thrown into prison, flogged, chained, sawed in two, and even die amid the battle.

Faith sometimes is seemingly defeated:  like wanderers with no fixed address believers go about in sheepskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated, making mountains, deserts and even holes in the ground their home.

But faith is never meaningless, nor futile:  it has a promise of something better, it yearns for the promise of the city of God “made perfect”.

On Sunday 11 November, during morning worship at 10.30am, God will speak to us from this paragraph.

Be in prayer to see the blessings of God bestowed upon us in that time of worship.

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