Genetically engineered babies a moral obligation?

Genetically engineering ‘ethical’ babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor

Professor Julian Savulescu said:

So where genetic selection aims to bring out a trait that clearly benefits an individual and society, we should allow parents the choice.

“To do otherwise is to consign those who come after us to the ball and chain of our squeamishness and irrationality.

“Indeed, when it comes to screening out personality flaws, such as potential alcoholism, psychopathy and disposition to violence, you could argue that people have a moral obligation to select ethically better children.

“They are, after all, less likely to harm themselves and others.

This is to say we can genetically engineer sin out of a baby!  The problem lies with the definition of right and wrong: who decides, by what standard?

Hitler tried to engineer a perfect Aryan Race, but he and his collaborators were evil devils; in the process millions others died in gas chambers and thousands a guinea pigs of so-called medical experiments.

God is the Creator:  we cannot play God.  When sin messed things up, God provided a Saviour, Jesus Christ, who saves and changes lives to make them fit for God’s Kingdom.

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