Real Science versus Social Engineering

Studying Sociology and Psychology in the days gone by was something else.  Science was about facts that “are”, not things you “wanted it to be”.  I suppose there are many contemporary scientists – the biggest proportion of them – still adhering to this principle.

My Psychology professor, a scholar who published far and wide, and also wrote a handbook on Psychopathology was one day asked to examine a modern work of art.  He didn’t take long to give an assessment based on Rorschach methodology about the characteristics and personality of the artist.

There was complaint from one in the class about his assessment.  “This cannot be true!  The artists is a well-known person, highly regarded in art circles!

Our professor looked up and remarked, “Could be true, but it does not take away the fact that he has psychological problems.

The King is naked.  Someone has to say it!

An article I read this morning stresses the point.  Miriam Grossman (MD) states:

When I graduated from medical school, I took an oath. I stood up, raised my right hand, and swore to prevent disease whenever I could. At that moment, I believed the battles that lay ahead would be against cancer, heart disease and emotional disorders.

And further:

“But after two decades, and thousands of hours with young patients in distress, I’ve discovered my most challenging fight is not against dangerous diseases, but against dangerous ideas.

Like all social movements, sex education is not based on how the world is, but on how a group of activists believe the world should be. It’s based on their dream — their vision of the perfect world. In this fantasy world there are no substantial differences between male and female. If such differences exist, they are not inborn and eternal; they are due to forces in society, against which we are obligated to struggle.

But this is a made-up world — it doesn’t exist. In the real world, the differences between male and female are vast and permanent. One of these differences is that girls have unique biological sensitivities, and early sexual behaviour endangers them more than it does boys. That’s not sexist; it’s something that’s seen under a microscope.”  (Read more about Dr Grossman)

Reminds me of the fellow who took his out-of-tune car to the workshop for repairs. Flabbergasted he stood by as the mechanic then changed the instruction manual to match the readings of the limping car!

A young Christian medical student told me that they were informed, early in their first year, that Evolution (although there being a lot of scientific difficulties to declare it fact) is taken as proven at that university. Any suggestion to dispute it would be to her detriment.

Let us be sure about it: Atheism is a religion, just like Evolution and Humanism;  it wants the world “to be”, and employs “science” to  engineer society.  Problem is, it is bad religion because it is based in sinful man.

Christianity takes God’s creation as real and deals with it, “warts and all”.  It looks at its brokenness, and bows at the cross of Jesus Christ, knowing that there is a perfect world to come.  In the meantime we believe that God made man and woman with the purpose to glorify Him.  Marriage and family as He intended cannot be engineered.


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