Gay, but happily married

Being faithful to the Word of God, one has to set aside personal opinions to obediently listen to God speaking authoritatively.

God defines holiness, and He defines sin.  In doing so He has the right to free from sin, and the right to condemn sin.  He had no obligation to do anything about sin, but He did:  in His love towards mankind He provided a way back to restoration and new life.  When Christ paid with his life to set us free, He defined ultimate grace. He loves to save the sinner from eternal death.

Sin and its consequences cannot be charged to God who is holy, perfect and hating sin.  As the seed of Adam and Eve we are not born clean-slate or sinless, nor is the world we are born into with the effect of sin.  Sin destroyed the beauty of creation, which is now groaning and expecting the day of God’s revelation (Romans 8:20-22).  It is therefore a fact of reality that we have to deal with sickness, death, decay, pestilence, etc.  The sad part is also that we see broken relationships, and many other heart-breaking realities.

The question is if we are going to take the brokenness as normal (and even blame God for it!), or are we going to receive the grace of God who gave his Son to bear our iniquities – and also promised us who believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour a perfect creation when He returns for all eternity?

Or are we going to reject the offer of grace and face the consequence of a holy God condemning the unrepentant sinner?

I received a very interesting email today.  It brings to memory the words of someone who said “one cannot lead your enemy to Christ.”  In the light of God’s Word I cannot condone homosexuality, it is sinful. But  have we perhaps elevated homosexuality as the sin of sins, even to the point that we consider it our duty to hate homosexual people, while we might find it in our heart to forgive the one who gossips.  I suggest there is a difference between condoning the wrong and showing compassionate understanding.  We have to tenaciously cling to the truth of the Word which sets free – all with the desire to point to Christ’s forgiveness, and eventually salvation of the sinner.

After all, “we’ve been there, done that”. God save sinners, of which I am the worst.  I was no homosexual, but I deserved punishment just as well.

Read this article, and keep praying for God’s grace to overcome the sinful heart.

“… there is a considerable group of people who present a challenge to both sides of the debate over homosexuality. Members of this extraordinary group of people admit that they have unwanted same-sex attraction, but also believe that homosexual behaviour is sinful, and homosexual attraction itself “disordered,” and therefore seek to live a life of virtue and chastity.

One of the most fascinating of these individuals is a man by the name of Joshua Weed – who says he is homosexual, but also a devout Mormon, happily married to a woman, and has three children. There is room for debate about Josh’s approach to the issue – and we encourage our readers to charitably express their opinions – but what is certain is that Josh is seeking the best way to honestly unite an aspect of his personality that he did not ask for (i.e. homosexual attraction), with his firm moral conviction that the expression of sexuality is reserved for two people of different genders who are united in a life-long marriage.”

Joshua Weed writes:

“I also believe, and my experience has shown me time and time again, that when I follow the teachings that I know to be true my life is blessed and I find immense joy and peace. I feel that this joy and peace is a direct result of my connection to God’s spirit as a result of living in a way He approves of.”  Read more


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