Report From The World Reformed Fellowship Meeting In Sydney

FROM April 24 – 26, 2012, the Board of Directors of the World Reformed Fellow­ ship held its annual meeting and, on this occasion, we were especially blessed to be the guests of the Presbyterian Church of Australia whose leaders made it possi­ble for us to stay and to meet at the beau­tiful Collaroy Centre just north of Sydney.

In fact, the evening we spent with those leaders was one of the highlights of our entire time in Australia. After a won­derful dinner, we learned from Dr. Robert Benn about the amazing history of the Presbyterian Inland Mission (formerly the Australian Inland Mission). And becausethe dinner was held on the evening of Anzac Day, it was especially meaningful to the “foreigners” among us (i.e., most of the members of the WRF Board).

This was one of our most important and most successful meetings ever. We are still a very young organization and we are just beginning to under­ stand the specific tasks in which we should be in­volved on behalf of the global evangelical and Reformed community.  Read more

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