Heavenly Father,

Thank you for a very special day yesterday.

Not only did You feed us with your precious Word, we had also had the privilege to sit at the Table of the Lord. We had communion with You and one another, and we celebrated your death and resurrection. You gave us your body and blood to make us your family. Give us the strength and conviction to present You as great to our community, while we live us a body of saved sinners for your glory, our mutual edification and the good of our town.

Thank you, Lord, for the songs we could sing: the words were meaningful, and the singing was uplifting. We praise You for the gift of music and the ability You gave to others to serve your church by writing music and lyrics which reflect the truth of your Word.

Thank you, Father, for the warm fellowship after the worship. It was up-building to spend the whole afternoon together, to hear people talk about the truths of the Bible and the greatness of Christ, our Lord.

I pray that You continue to bless your church. Help us to grow to maturity in Christ. Help us keep to our eyes focussed on Christ to expect great things of Him.

In his Name. AMEN

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