Expecting Christ’s Return (1)

Bible Readings Psalm 110; 2Thessalonians 1:1-12 Introduction Dear friends in the Lord, “Do you really think that God will allow his church to go through a time of tribulation?”  This was the question during a discussion about the end-times.   “What do you think?” I asked.   He went on to explain about the rapture…… Continue reading Expecting Christ’s Return (1)

​2019 Atonement Celebration (Easter)

Crucifixion Friday service: 7:30am in our church building.  We will also celebrate The Lord’s Supper. Resurrection Sunday Service 9:30 am in our church building. Evening Worship No evening worship over this weekend.  Evening worship will recommence Sunday 28th April.   Services for Atonement Weekend (Easter) We choose to name the events of Easter to reflect the true Christian…… Continue reading ​2019 Atonement Celebration (Easter)

Undivided loyalty to Christ, the King (1)

Scripture Readings Deuteronomy 6:1-9, 17-22 Revelation 13:1-10 Introduction Dear friends in the Lord, They tell of the event when an umpire made a questionable judgment during a footy match. It sent the crowd into an uproar. The line judge was asked for his opinion.  Then just for a brief moment, there was total silence.  In…… Continue reading Undivided loyalty to Christ, the King (1)

Living on God’s earth (1)

Bible Readings Genesis 1:26-2:3 Psalm 8 Romans 8:18-25 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, During our time away over Christmas, I made a point of it to have a date with our grandchildren.  I took them for a milkshake.  Discussions ranged from every-day topics to the progress in their education. NSW experienced…… Continue reading Living on God’s earth (1)

Heavenly-shaped community

Bible Readings Romans 12:9-21 1 Peter 4:7-11 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters, Some 24 years ago the Lord led our family to leave our homeland and migrate to Australia. The buzzword for migrants was “culture shock”.   Initially living in a different culture was somewhat interesting.  People expect you to be different, and quite…… Continue reading Heavenly-shaped community

Kammerphilharmonie, Cologne visits Hervey Bay

Chamber Philharmonia Cologne 2018 After several successful european tours in 2017 and 2018 the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne (Germany) is coming back to Australia in winter 2018 with a powerful and lovely new programme.  “Classical music the world over” – this is the motto of the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne. It is irrelevant for our musicians whether…… Continue reading Kammerphilharmonie, Cologne visits Hervey Bay

Christians and Industrial relations

Bible Readings Philemon 1 1Peter 2:18-25 Introduction Our study of Peter’s first letter taught us these things: Christians are people who once were lost, but: who received a new life from God by grace who come to Christ and honour Him who spiritually sacrifice praise to God who draw from eternal hope to overcome present…… Continue reading Christians and Industrial relations

What do we make of Christ’s death? (Crucifixion Day)

Bible Readings John 18:1-11 Luke 23:26-49 Introduction My dear brother and sister in Jesus Christ, Our Lord once said, Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:2–3, NIV) In another place our Lord said, praying to his Father, I praise you,…… Continue reading What do we make of Christ’s death? (Crucifixion Day)

Christmas – God came to us

“People wish one another a ‘merry’ Christmas and a ‘happy” New Year.  But how can one be really happy?” “Only God’s mercy in Jesus Christ can make a person really happy.  Human efforts are sure to disappoint. That’s why the message of Christmas is so important. “What is grace? It has always been a bit…… Continue reading Christmas – God came to us

Worship Services for December 2017

Welcome! 24 December 09.30am, Worship Service 5.30pm, Carols in the Car Park.  Come enjoy singing carols.  Sausage sizzle at 5.30pm 25 December, 07:30am Christmas Service 31 December, 09.30am Morning worship No evening worship All Sundays through January 2018 Morning worship at 9.30am Evening worship (5.30pm) will be in recess till 21 January 2018 SaveSave SaveSave…… Continue reading Worship Services for December 2017