What kind of knowledge?

Solomon declared:  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” In other words, to fear the Lord and to know Him is the basis on which all other wisdom and knowledge is built. The simple fact that we live in God’s world makes this statement…… Continue reading What kind of knowledge?

The audacity of asking

It was Saturday morning, just before my next appointment. I answered the door bell. The person staring at me was unknown to me, but my eyes were drawn to the plastic bag standing next to him on the ground.  The long-neck beer bottles stood proudly, cheerfully peeking out in the usual dark brown glass and…… Continue reading The audacity of asking

Radical Church

The world looks at us. They know something, perhaps more, about the structure of church than they know about what the church proclaims.  Or  is supposed to proclaim. What they see are hierarchical structures (power structures?). They hear about rules and regulations.  They walk pass massive architectural complexes. They see colourful robes and tussles, candles,…… Continue reading Radical Church

What if there was no Christ and no cross?

With Christ I mean the Second Person in the eternal Trinity, the Promised Messiah, physically born as a human being in Bethlehem to fulfil the Scriptures, yet who never sinned because He was/is God.  He died substitutionally for sinners to be their righteousness, justification, sanctification and glorification. He rose again on the third day, and…… Continue reading What if there was no Christ and no cross?