A new beginning (3) – God’s business first

Bible readings Matthew 6:25-34Haggai 1:1-15 Introduction  My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, Two weeks ago we began with a series of sermons under the title “A new beginning”.  It revolves around the return from Babylonian captivity of the people of God in the Old Testament.  God kept his promise had made through the…… Continue reading A new beginning (3) – God’s business first

God’s brand-new house

Bible readings Psalm 118:17-29 1 Peter 2:4-8 Introduction We understand that to build a house the new owner needs money, he needs a plan (or an architect), the house must need his needs, and he needs building material — and then, most of all, he must have the ability to finish the work.  Only then…… Continue reading God’s brand-new house

Completing the work in the face of persecution

My dear friends in the Lord, Over the last two months we heard the Word of God concerning the work of the Holy Spirit.  Over the last few Sundays we specifically looked at how the Holy Spirit builds the church.  We made the following observations: It is the Holy Spirit who does gives birth to…… Continue reading Completing the work in the face of persecution