God’s act of redemption: Sanctification

Important points Being saved by grace, and adopted as God’s children, we now live in the household of God To be holy is to be set apart to glorify God We cannot continue to live the same way as we lived before we became children of God In God’s household, God sets the rules Keeping…… Continue reading God’s act of redemption: Sanctification

Walking in step with the righteousness of Christ (3)

Bible Readings Titus 3:1-11 Philippians 3:12-4:1 Introduction I grew up in a house where about all of us loved pets.  We had a cat, a budgie, and at one stage even a crow.  What we did not have, was a dog. We were driving along one day and we saw a very scruffy looking dog…… Continue reading Walking in step with the righteousness of Christ (3)

The Intercession of Christ (2)

Scripture Readings Exodus 28:6-21 John 17:11-19 Introduction Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, we might make the mistake to disregard everything the Old Testament in connection with sacrifices and offerings.  It is true that we living on this side of the cross of Christ do not need an earthly high priest, neither an altar,…… Continue reading The Intercession of Christ (2)

Theosis versus Sanctification

Introduction A friend rang me up not so long ago.  He attended a worship service where the minister argued that the church should strive to attain theosis. This concept was new to both of us.  He asked me to not indulge in too deep and elaborated theological discussion.  He just wanted to know what theosis…… Continue reading Theosis versus Sanctification

Doing Good (3)

Saved by grace to do good works  Scripture Readings Titus 2:11-15 Ephesians 2:1-10 Introduction Augustine who lived a life in search of fulfilment in excessive pleasures, false religions, philosophy, debauchery and distractions—futilities that left him so weary of himself he could only cry out, “How long, O Lord, how long?” At the very moment when…… Continue reading Doing Good (3)

God’s will for our lives: Sanctification

Sanctification Scripture Readings: Leviticus 18:24-19:4 Ephesians 1:3-14 Introduction A man is charged of crime – let’s say he committed murder.  All evidence points in his direction, even his defence lawyer cannot come up with anything better than to plead for a lesser penalty.  The judge listens to the charges laid; he weighs up the evidence…… Continue reading God’s will for our lives: Sanctification

Justification and Sanctification

John Piper and Tim Keller sat down to discuss the biblical vision of sanctification. In this 14-minute video they touch on how justification and sanctification relate, along with the psychological dynamics of faith. Do we owe to God anything – in the light of grace?  No!  And yet, we do.  I find the words of…… Continue reading Justification and Sanctification