Heavenly shaped defence (1)

Bible Readings Acts 20:25-38; 1 Peter 5:1-11 Introduction My dear friends in Christ, If our Lord allows us, we will walk slowly through the last chapter of 1 Peter.  The topic of this sermon “Heavenly Shaped Defence”. We of course speak of our defence against the strategy of the devil.  To begin our study of…… Continue reading Heavenly shaped defence (1)

Heavenly shaped refinement

Scripture Readings Psalm 119:153-160 1 Peter 4:12-19 Introduction Dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ Just a few questions to the children:  hands up if you love going to the dentist! Why do you think we usually don’t like going to the dentist?  Is it perhaps because we dislike the trip to the dentist?  Or…… Continue reading Heavenly shaped refinement

Prosperity Theology – Biblical theology?

Joel Osteen: (in, “Become a better you”) “He [God] wants us to have a little heaven on earth, right where we are … You can accomplish your dries before you go to heaven!  How can you do that?  By tapping into God’s power inside of you… If you don’t appreciate and take advantage  of your freedom,…… Continue reading Prosperity Theology – Biblical theology?

The Holy Spirit and his gifts (1)

How He enables his church for works of service In the early morning of New Yeas Day 1901 a group of Bible students came together, earnestly seeking to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, hoping for something amazing.  They were convinced that speaking in tongues was a sure sign of being baptised…… Continue reading The Holy Spirit and his gifts (1)

Called out of darkness into the light

That you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God Scripture Readings Isaiah 59:9-21 John 12:34-50 Introduction Omar Bradley, one of the Generals in World War II also went to World War I. He became a General. He actually led one of the largest armies in history during World War II. He…… Continue reading Called out of darkness into the light