Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (3)

Heaven Scripture Readings John 14:1-7 Revelation 21:1-4, 22:1-5 Introduction Dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ, In this short series we are looking at two major event markers in the life of every human being on the face of this planet:  life and death.  What is left of this series will look at one of…… Continue reading Life, Death, Heaven, Hell (3)

Yet another year of grace

Isaiah 5:1-7 Luke 13:1-9 Introduction We met John the Baptist last week.  We also met Herod and Pilate.  The message last week was that God’s Christmas strategy to reach the ends of the world is through his Word and through those whom He uses to preach that Word. It sounds silly and foolish to the…… Continue reading Yet another year of grace