The King appoints a prince

Scripture Readings Hebrews 2:5-18 1Samuel 9:15-10:1 Introduction Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, There are times when I am so disappointed in myself that I abhor myself.  I then wonder why God still puts up with me.  Why would He still bother? Why still give room for Australia to live, to enjoy what we…… Continue reading The King appoints a prince

Who is King?

Bible Readings Revelation 19:11-21 1Samuel 8 Introduction You’ve heard it said, and maybe you have said it too, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have our Lord in Person with me, so I can talk to Him personally, instead of praying to the unseen God?” If people asked about the God I worship, it would really…… Continue reading Who is King?

Jesus is the Christ and Lord

Scripture readings Psalm 16 Acts 2:22-41 Introduction Brother and Sister in the Lord, There were numerous occasions as a child when we were caught out being mischievous and dangerously disobedient. In some cases Dad would not even listen to what we called “reason”. The more you tried to defend yourself, the more it added to…… Continue reading Jesus is the Christ and Lord

Christ: King, Servant, Man and God

Matthew presents Christ from the perspective of His kingdom. Mark presents Him from the perspective of His servanthood. Luke shows Him from the perspective of His humanity. John shows Christ from the perspective of His deity. Each writer, inspired by the Holy Spirit, showed a different aspect of the Person Christ. Each is part of the…… Continue reading Christ: King, Servant, Man and God