Watch our for false prophets (1)

Scripture Readings Matthew 7:15-23 Matthew 24:1-14 Introduction My dear friends in Christ, On one of my mission trips into the outback of New South Wales, a pastor-friend tagged along for the experience.  Fortunately, shearing was on, so to a large extent, the shearing quarters were relatively clean and rid of spiders and snakes. We took…… Continue reading Watch our for false prophets (1)

Only Jesus Christ – no if’s, no but’s (3)

Series Title:  “Growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ” Scripture Reading Colossians 2:13-23 Introduction The story was told about a city which was hit by a phenomenal disaster on a Saturday afternoon.  Hardly any piece of infrastructure was left standing, and many people lost their homes and possessions.  One of the pastors of the city…… Continue reading Only Jesus Christ – no if’s, no but’s (3)

Examine the Scriptures

When it comes to biblical doctrine, the Bible is our supreme standard. The Scriptures are infallible, inerrant and immutable.  Nothing may be added to it, and nothing may be taken away from it.  There is no room to compliment it with ecclesiastical tradition or mystical revelation. What God wanted to reveal about Himself as standard…… Continue reading Examine the Scriptures