Where is the victory?

Scripture Readings Acts 5:14, Joshua 7:1-10, 16-21 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, We often find ourselves at new beginnings.  We might find ourselves in a new job, or a new suburb or a new house.  The move to a new house helps us to get rid of the old stuff we…… Continue reading Where is the victory?

Christians and Industrial relations

Bible Readings Philemon 1 1Peter 2:18-25 Introduction Our study of Peter’s first letter taught us these things: Christians are people who once were lost, but: who received a new life from God by grace who come to Christ and honour Him who spiritually sacrifice praise to God who draw from eternal hope to overcome present…… Continue reading Christians and Industrial relations

God’s holy aliens in a dark world

Scripture Readings: John 17:6-19 1Peter 2:11-14 Main thoughts Who/what is “the world”? Christians are sojourners/pilgrims Why abstain from this world? Why engage with this world Introduction Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp, is indeed a light on the dark pages of war history. She wrote in her diary, “God called me in the morning…… Continue reading God’s holy aliens in a dark world

Walking in the righteousness of Christ

Bible Readings Hebrews 12:22-29; Philippians 3:7-4:1 Introduction Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, This is the last day of 2017.  The days of the last year made up part of the journey we are on—indeed, we are on our way to eternity.  2018 will once again add to privileges and opportunities, but it will…… Continue reading Walking in the righteousness of Christ

Understanding the times

 “… the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…”  (1 Chronicles 12:32, NKJV) These men of Issachar are set before us as a pattern to be imitated and an example to be followed; for it is a most important thing to understand the times in which we…… Continue reading Understanding the times

Do you love Me?

When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” (John 21:15, NIV) The question which heads this paper was addressed by Christ to the Apostle Peter. A more…… Continue reading Do you love Me?

A woman to be remembered

Remember Lot’s wife! (Luke 17:32, NIV) The solemn warning: Christ does not bid us remember Abraham, or Isaac, or Jacob, or Sarah, or Hannah, or Ruth. No: He singles out one whose soul was lost for ever. He cries to us, “Remember Lot’s wife.” Christ is speaking of His own second coming to judge the…… Continue reading A woman to be remembered

The spiritual fight

The saddest symptom about many so-called Christians is the utter absence of anything like conflict and fight in their Christianity. They eat, they drink, they dress, they work, they amuse themselves, they get money, they spend money, they go through a scanty round of formal religious services once or twice every week. But the great…… Continue reading The spiritual fight