Undivided loyalty to the King, Jesus Christ (3)

Bible Readings Daniel 3:8-18 Revelation 13:11-18 Introduction My dear friends in Christ, Long before I arrived at uni, Steve had been there. It seemed that Steve had an academic problem: the lecturer to teach him Greek 1, was a classmate who did Greek 1 with him when Steve was repeating it for the third time.…… Continue reading Undivided loyalty to the King, Jesus Christ (3)

Living on God’s earth (1)

Bible Readings Genesis 1:26-2:3 Psalm 8 Romans 8:18-25 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, During our time away over Christmas, I made a point of it to have a date with our grandchildren.  I took them for a milkshake.  Discussions ranged from every-day topics to the progress in their education. NSW experienced…… Continue reading Living on God’s earth (1)

Evolution and Christianity

Atheist Richard Dawkins pointed out a few years ago that Christians who try to mix evolutionary ideas with Scripture, thereby essentially saying that Genesis is not trustworthy, were “deluded.” When asked if there was “a defining moment” when he decided he didn’t believe in God, Dawkins replied as follows: Oh well, by far the most…… Continue reading Evolution and Christianity

No parental consent needed

If your daughter develops a headache at school and went to the head office for a tablet, she might need your consent first for the school staff to give her a paracetamol tablet.  She might be allergic to something and the school does not want to be sued. On the other hand, the school might…… Continue reading No parental consent needed


Jesus Christ, the center of creation, the message of the Bible Scripture Readings: Daniel 2:24-45 Revelation 5:1-14 Introduction There was a time in history when the official church burned on the stake those who dared translate the Bible from Latin into English.  There was a time when only a few priests had the privilege of…… Continue reading Reformation