Zealously guarding true worship

Scripture Reading Acts 17:10-15 Joshua 22:9-34 Introduction Dear friends in the Lord, Our society puts a high premium on privacy.  We have passwords to protect our privacy, codewords to unlock our bank accounts, fingerprint technology to protect our smartphones, voice recognition to open doors, encryption technology to protect messages and bank records.  We check our…… Continue reading Zealously guarding true worship

Christ, our access to God

The topic of our sermon this morning is, “Christ, our access to God.”  It’s about worshipping God, how we know we do things right worshipping Him. After attending church one Sunday morning, a little boy knelt at his bedside that night and prayed, “Dear God, we had a good time at church today – but…… Continue reading Christ, our access to God

A life worthy of the Lord

Series Title:  Growing in knowledge of Jesus Christ Scripture Readings Hosea 4:1-9 Colossians 1:3-14 Introduction Millions of people attended Christmas worship services just two day ago right across the world.  One can only wonder how many those attend the services today.  And one would probably more amazed by the small number whose life is changing, or…… Continue reading A life worthy of the Lord

Don’t downplay the importance of Corporate Worship

Gloria Furman, wife of a pastor and mother of three little kids, writes: “As a natural-born sinner, I’m allergic to worshiping the Lord in all things at all times.  As a supernaturally born-again saint, I’m prone to love the God who loved me first.” Here are just ten of the things I remind myself of…… Continue reading Don’t downplay the importance of Corporate Worship