Living ‘in-Christ (3) –

Bible Reading Colossians 3:1-11 Introduction In 1976 Dr Francis Schaeffer wrote a book with the title “How should we then live”.  The question is by what standard should we live.  Dr Schaeffer said when we base society on the Bible, on the infinite-personal God who is there and has spoken, it provides an absolute by…… Continue reading Living ‘in-Christ (3) –

Jesus Christ only – no if’s, no but’s (4)

Scripture Readings 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:2 Colossians 2:9-15 Introduction My dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ, Today is the last in our sermon series from Colossians 2.  Our topic over the last three weeks was Jesus Christ only, no if’s no but’s.  In the first of this mini-series, we learnt from Scriptures that Jesus Christ…… Continue reading Jesus Christ only – no if’s, no but’s (4)

Christmas – God came to us

“People wish one another a ‘merry’ Christmas and a ‘happy” New Year.  But how can one be really happy?” “Only God’s mercy in Jesus Christ can make a person really happy.  Human efforts are sure to disappoint. That’s why the message of Christmas is so important. “What is grace? It has always been a bit…… Continue reading Christmas – God came to us