Forgiveness and Eternal life

We must never think of the possession of eternal life unless we have first of all considered the forgiveness of sins. While Christian salvation does not end at forgiveness, it does start there; there is no short cut to eternal life except via grace, repentance, justification, and acceptance in the sight of God. Eternal life…… Continue reading Forgiveness and Eternal life

Purity of Worship

I had a cup of coffee with an exit student. His zeal to preach the Gospel oozed from every word he spoke. He couldn’t wait for the day of his ordination. Our conversation touched the issue of the ordination vows. I reminded him of the solemnity of those vows. We talked about the vow regarding…… Continue reading Purity of Worship

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A moral compass?

Desmond Tutu was a unique person. He assuredly played a vital role in the dismantling of the system of apartheid in South Africa. He came to prominence in the years I trained for ministry at the University of Pretoria. His biographical details are now all over the web for all to read; I will not…… Continue reading A moral compass?