Advent: The Long Road to Bethlehem (1)

Bible Readings Luke 1:26-38 Judges 13:1-24 Introduction In Stay of Execution, Stewart Alsop, an apathetic Christian, discussed what it was like to live with incurable leukaemia.  There was a period in which the disease was temporarily arrested. During this time, he discussed some variables with his physician. Finally, Alsop said, “There is one variable you…… Continue reading Advent: The Long Road to Bethlehem (1)

Spiritual growth in Christ

Bible Readings Psalm 119:9-16 Philippians 1:3-11 Introduction Who present today would like a 10-page book on 3 easy steps to spiritual maturity? You may go to sleep tonight as a babe, then wake up tomorrow with full knowledge of God’s Word, able to discern the most excellent things in life. But, unfortunately, there are no…… Continue reading Spiritual growth in Christ

Participating in the sufferings of Christ

Scripture Reading 1Peter 4:12-19 Introduction The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, honour those who died for their country. Built following World War I, it was expanded to remember those who served in subsequent conflicts. It is a beautiful place, with monuments to courage and devotion, but the highlight of the shrine is a hall containing…… Continue reading Participating in the sufferings of Christ

Living ‘in-Christ’ (4)

Bible Readings Proverbs 10:18-32 Colossians 3:5-17 Introduction My dear friends in Christ, Successful advertising companies design their ads after careful market research, more so about the potential buyers.  Not only do they know their product, but they know who they want to buy their products.   To get us to buy a product, they persuade…… Continue reading Living ‘in-Christ’ (4)