Useless without Christ

Scripture Readings Isaiah 5:1-7 John 15:1-17 Main points: God’s vineyard Remain in Christ, the true vine The pruning tool: God’s Word Introduction My dear friends in the Lord, My first car was a VW Beetle.  It was not exactly my dream car, but about every other student had one in those days. It didn’t fall…… Continue reading Useless without Christ

Our heavenly home, and the way there

Scripture Readings: Deuteronomy 1:19-33 John 14:1-14 Main points: Faith replaces confusion and anxiety The eternal home is being prepared Only one way to God Between now and eternity: work and pray Introduction My dear fellow believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I remember sitting in the funeral parlour.  The funeral director asked me all the…… Continue reading Our heavenly home, and the way there

Success or Failure?

Bible Readings 2Samuel 15:1-14 John 13:18-38 Introduction What is success?  What is failure? Listen to this story:  When he was five years old his father died. With his mother working, the five year old had to cook for his siblings. He dropping out of 7th grade and left home by himself. He falsified his date…… Continue reading Success or Failure?

Love that knows no boundaries

Bible Readings: Philippians 2:1-11 John 13:1-17 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters, I passed a road sign advertising an adult shop, promising that what they sell will improve your love life.  Lust and sex go under the banner of love.  Little wonder, then, that relationships and marriages don’t last beyond the point after  an airy-teary,…… Continue reading Love that knows no boundaries