Forfeited Grace

Bible Readings Luke 13:6-9 Daniel 5 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, They tell the story of the young man who wanted to rent a room off the old lady who lived right next to a railway line.  First she showed him the room, and showed him around.  Then the two settled…… Continue reading Forfeited Grace

Christmas 2016

You are truely welcome to join us for worship on Christmas morning at 7.30am 7 Denman’s Camp Road, Scarness Please stay for morning tea and fellowship after the service. All enquiries:  Pastor Rudi Schwartz, 0419797246

The Good Shepherd

Readings: Psalm 23; John 10:1-21 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters, Psychologists identify a personality disorder in some patients with limited language skills, so much so, they find it hard to understand idiomatic expressions.  They understand a literal understanding of words, but expressions can sometimes just pass them by. If I say am a bit…… Continue reading The Good Shepherd

Christmas 2016

Welcome! We invite you to celebrate the birth of our Lord on Christmas day, 25 December. For more information click  here. Many blessings.

What have you to say about Christ?

Readings Isaiah 49:1-7; John 9:12-27 Introduction In his book, Catching the Light, quantum physicist Arthur Zojanc writes of studies which investigated recovery from people born blind. Thanks to cornea transplants, people who had been blind from birth could suddenly have functional use of their eyes; however, success has been rare. Zajoc quotes from another researcher…… Continue reading What have you to say about Christ?

Who are You, Jesus?

Bible Readings Isaiah 49:1-7, John 8:12-27 Introduction The renowned artist Paul Gustave Dore once lost his passport. When he came to a border crossing, he explained his predicament to one of the guards. Giving his name to the official, Dore hoped he would be recognised and allowed to pass. The guard, however, said that  many…… Continue reading Who are You, Jesus?

God’s consistency

“We have to deny or disown everything within us which is false to our true humanity… It is in order to be our true selves that we have to deny ourselves; it is because God is never other than his true Self that He cannot and will not deny Himself… He cannot repudiate any part…… Continue reading God’s consistency