God’s anger

“He [God] is never provoked without reason.  It is evil alone which provokes Him, and necessarily so since God must be (and behave) like God.  If evil did not provoke Him to anger He would forfeit our respect, for He would no longer be God.” John Stott, The Cross of Christ

The Rock Jesus – the thirst is over

Scripture readings: Exodus 17:1-17 John 7: 14-39 Introduction Just about two weeks ago we observed Armistice Day.  It meant the end of the war in which 17 million soldiers died and 20 million were wounded.  We need dates to help us remember. In 1969 the BeeGees had a hit song “Don’t forget to remember.”  The…… Continue reading The Rock Jesus – the thirst is over

Jesus Christ, our eternal food and drink

Readings: Isaiah 55:1-8, John 6:25-51 Introduction My dear brothers and sisters, I read this just yesterday: I walk up to the grocery cupboard looking for food, but the only things I see are the ingredients.”  Ready-made meals can be so convenient.  Mothers who labour long hours in the kitchen to prepare meals for their families…… Continue reading Jesus Christ, our eternal food and drink

God’s holiness

It is more characteristic of us to clap our hands with joy than to blush with shame and tears. We saunter up to God to claim his patronage and friendship; it does not occur to us that He might send us away. We need to hear again the apostle Peter’s sobering words: “Since you call…… Continue reading God’s holiness

Crossing over from death to life

(John 5:16-30, Ezekiel 37:1-14) Mercy – the work of Father and the Son The first few verses of John 5 tells the story of our Lord coming to the aide of the helpless who superstitiously stared at the signs of moving water and then hoped to get in first and be healed.  One chap sat…… Continue reading Crossing over from death to life

Wrong questions and answers

The reason why many people give the wrong answers to questions about the cross, and even ask the wrong questions, is that they have carefully considered neither the seriousness of sin, nor the majesty of God. John Stott, The Cross of Christ

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