The spiritual fight

The saddest symptom about many so-called Christians is the utter absence of anything like conflict and fight in their Christianity. They eat, they drink, they dress, they work, they amuse themselves, they get money, they spend money, they go through a scanty round of formal religious services once or twice every week. But the great…… Continue reading The spiritual fight


Boast not of Christ’s work for you, unless you can show us the Spirit’s work in you. (J.C. Ryle in “Holiness”)

The Holy Spirit, our Helper

Enabled to be Christ’s Church Wind the clock back to this situation:  Your’e back at school after being away on a enjoyable holiday.  It is the beginning of athletics season, so a big chunk of the day goes into preparation on the sport fields. You notice that, after all the good things of the school…… Continue reading The Holy Spirit, our Helper

Meaningful prayer

“Whenever you feel that a little praying can’t do any harm, you will find that it can’t do much good either.  Prayer has meaning only if it is necessary and indispensable.  Prayer is prater only when we say that without it a man could not live.” (Henri Nouwen, With Open Hands)

Prayer for one another with joy and concern born from the love for God

(This study is based on the book of Dr D.A. Carson, A Call to Spiritual Reformation, Priorities from Paul and his prayers [Baker Book House Company, 2007]) Let’s begin and ask the same questions as we asked last week: When you pray, what is it that you pray for? When you pray, who is it…… Continue reading Prayer for one another with joy and concern born from the love for God

Christ’s resurrection, our resurrection

The story was told of the old man who lived in the back blocks in times gone by.  No electricity, radio or TV.  No telephone, no newspapers, and hardly any visiting neighbours. The old man became sick.  He charged the battery of his barely operating and rusted old truck and drove into town to see…… Continue reading Christ’s resurrection, our resurrection

Limited Atonement

Limited atonement—is it biblical? [This and other articles can be found at] Disclaimer:  By using this article from does not imply that we necessarily agree with all expressions put forward on that site (The contents of the original article is not altered, but we added some paragraph breaks and headings to help make a…… Continue reading Limited Atonement

Our King enthroned in Heaven

Ascension Day Hymns 559 – Praise Him, Praise Him 220 – He is Lord (repeat) 266 – I cannot tell 602 – Sing we the King Scripture Readings Acts 1:1-11 Ephesians 1:15-22 Introduction During 1951, George VI’s health declined and Elizabeth frequently stood in for him at public events. In early 1952, Elizabeth and Philip…… Continue reading Our King enthroned in Heaven