Seven Simple Steps to Boost Evangelism

(This is part of an article written by Rick Segal on the Desiring God website.  See here for full article) Develop your “personal Great Commission number” as if it were something as routine to your daily life as church, work, fitness, and carting your kids around. How much time do you spend with unbelieving individuals,…… Continue reading Seven Simple Steps to Boost Evangelism

A Concert of Prayer

Scripture Readings Ezekiel 37:1-14 Zachariah 8:14-23 Introduction It’s that time of the year:  colds, flue, coughs, muscle pains and pains in the joints.  Winter time surely has its rewards.  In most cases our bodies do not have the resistance to these ailments.  We take vitamin tablets, we need antibiotics to help fight our systems against…… Continue reading A Concert of Prayer