Living by faith (5)

Unshakeable faith expresses itself in the fear and serving of God only Scripture readings: Exodus 2:1-12 Hebrews 11:23-28 Hymns/Songs: “Consider Christ “The power of the cross “May the mind of Christ my Saviour” “Standing on the promises of Christ my King” Introduction My dear brother and sister, Christians live in the world as people with…… Continue reading Living by faith (5)

Beltana Presbyterian Inland Mission Centenary Celebrations

The weekend of 5-7 October was significant in the life of the Presbyterian Inland Mission.  It was in 1912 that Rev Dr John Flynn convinced the General Assembly of the Australian Presbyterian Church to establish the Australian Inland Mission (the Presbyterian Inland Mission [PIM] is a successor). The first Mission Church was established in Beltana…… Continue reading Beltana Presbyterian Inland Mission Centenary Celebrations