Pray for Christians Under Fire in Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia

Beheaded in Tunisia

Assist News Service has reported on a young male convert to Christianity being beheaded by Islamic militants in Tunisia. Graphic footage filmed in Tunisia was aired on Egypt Today, showing the militants reciting the Quran and chanting Islamic slogans and curses in Arabic, while the “apostate who had refused to recant his conversion to Christ, was calmly praying before being beheaded. It was not long ago that Tunisia was regarded as the most free and open of all Arab states. The popular support for murdering of Arabs who convert to Christianity, bodes ill for the Arab Spring.

Jihad in Nigeria

At least 15 people were killed and more than 40 seriously injured on Sunday, 3 June, when a Boko Haram suicide bomber drove his car into a checkpoint outside The Living Faith Church in Bauchi. The explosion, which occurred at 9:20am, sent shrapnel through believers who were fellowshipping outside, after the church’s first worship service. The explosion also hit the Harvest Field Church only 25m away across the road, causing part of the church building to collapse on worshipers.  Read more …


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